21 Days of Minded: Day 2

It's Day 2! How did Day 1 go? Did you find the time to sit for one minute? If yes, that is great! If no, you are still great! Just try again today. 

For Day 2, try to sit for TWO minutes counting your breaths. You can either designate a time to meditate--literally put it on your calendar--or choose to sit when things start to get hectic and you need a quick time out. 

Now, for some motivation. Do you find your mind wandering during the day? Mind wandering--or the chatter of thoughts we hear in our minds--is VERY common. In fact, it is so common because our brains default to mind wandering. It is called our default network and this is the network that goes to work whenever the mind is at rest. Mind wandering, or thinking in the default network, is associated with more negative emotions and tends to be more active for individuals suffering from depression.

If you have been reading this long, you probably are guessing there must be some connection between meditation and mind wandering (or lack thereof), and, dear reader, you guessed correctly. Studies show that meditation reduces mind wandering and takes the brain out of the default network highway. One of the reasons for this is that meditation strengthens the prefrontal cortex, which, we'll just say for simplicity sake, is responsible for good things like emotional regulation, intelligence, goal-setting, and positive emotions!

The short story: meditate for more positive thoughts and emotions!